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Maxine Barasch assists clients with the trademark

registration process. A trademark constitutes words, phrases, names, symbols, designs, and/or images, which are used in commerce with goods to uniquely identify the source of the goods and distinguish them from the goods of others. For example, Pepsi® is a trademark for soft drinks, and Cosmopolitan® is a trademark for magazines.


Maxine helps clients every step of the way, offering:


  • Comprehensive Trademark Searches
  • Federal Trademark and Service Mark Applications
  • State Trademark and Service Mark Applications
  • International Trademark Applications (Madrid Protocol)
  • Statements of Use
  • Renewals
  • Representation in Opposition Proceedings
  • Representation in Cancellation Proceedings
  • Representation in Appellate Proceedings
  • Petitions


Registering a trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office affords its owner (the registrant) many benefits, some of which include:


  • Registration is constructive notice that the owner of the mark has the right to use the mark throughout the entire United States, even if the mark is not being used in a specific geographical area.
  • After five years of continuous use in commerce, the mark becomes incontestable.
  • In a successful trademark infringement action, the registrant may obtain increased statutory damages.
  • The registrant may use the power of the federal government (via the U.S. Customs Service) to prevent the importation of goods that contain infringing marks.


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